Celebration of local flavours

Welcome to Portobello Italian Kitchen, a vibrant, fun, and interactive celebration of local flavours and authentic Italian dining. This Italian trattoria is chef Jeremy Gibbs' ode to London's Portobello Road, the vibrant home of one of the most famous street markets in the world.

The street is renowned for its antique stores, vintage clothing markets, iconic street art, talented musicians, and fresh produce stalls. “Portobello Road holds a special place in my heart. It is where I began to fall in love with food, and it set me on my path towards discovering Italian cuisine” says Gibbs. Portobello Italian Kitchen is a contemporary and casual restaurant, situated in George's CBD.

The modern trattoria features exciting weekly menus inspired by Italy's 20 distinct culinary regions, from the creamy risottos of northern Tuscany to the bright olive oil and tomato-based recipes of southern Italy. Expect simple, fresh food, prepared with high quality locally sourced ingredients, served in a relaxed environment. The culinary team in the open Portobello kitchen prepare handmade pasta daily.

The pizzas are made from locally sourced stoneground flour and fermented for up to 40 hours. The highly variable menu consists of traditional antipasti, handmade Focaccia, artisanal pasta, flavourful risottos, and classic secondi. Portobello's Dolci include homemade gelati and tarts, classic tiramisu, and Sicilian pastries. Like all the best Italian cuisine, emphasis is placed on a marriage of flavours, rather than on long or complicated cooking processes. Our Italian food is simple, fresh, flavourful, and delicious.

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